4 Programs You Can Use to Increase Store Traffic, Generate Referrals, and Guarantee Future Sales

Do you rely on satisfied customers and repeat business? If so, I’ve got good news. Because you can instantly attract more people into your business, guarantee future sales before they leave, and make them want to come back to your store again and again. Here are 4 proven programs you can put to use immediately to achieve these goals. Simply pick the one that would work best for your business, plug it in, and watch it go! greatpeople me

Find A Competitive Advantage

Let’s face it – if you do business in America – it’s competitive out there! Business owners are becoming increasingly sophisticated, meaning you have to do all you can to stay a step ahead of anyone who is trying to ‘woo’ your customers and take them away from you. So unless you provide a product or service your customer can’t get anywhere else, this is an issue that demands your immediate attention.

One of the best ways you can shorten your “marketing learning curve” is by putting programs in place that are already proven to work. Time and time again it’s been shown that the quickest and easiest path to success lies in modeling the success of others. And it’s not that hard to do either.

Here’s what I mean.

The world’s most successful companies got that way for a reason. They find the things that work, and then do them over and over again. So if you see a marketing program being used by close to 100% of the world’s most successful businesses, shouldn’t that tell you something? Shouldn’t that indicate there’s at least a better than average chance it’d work for you too? Of course it should… and it DOES!

What’s Your Plan?

Would you agree that repeat customers are at the heart of every successful business? If you do agree, then I have a question: What specific marketing plan do you have in place to absolutely insure your customers will keep coming back? By “marketing plan” I’m talking about a detailed, systematic, approach that even applies to your first customer. An approach that every one of your employees can explain – without a moments hesitation.

Unless you can instantly respond with a specific name of a program then I would suggest you don’t really have one. And if you don’t then that’s a shame. Because it means you’re losing a lot of business unnecessarily.

There is a plan, however, that you can use to increase store traffic, generate referrals, and guarantee future sales. I call it your new “profit center”. And here it is…

A Time-Tested, Highly Successful Marketing Program!

Have you ever noticed that inside your wallet you were probably carrying at least one or two plastic cards bearing the logo of a business you frequent regularly? You know, one of those stores you go to that rewards you for coming back? Or one you’ll specifically go to for the points that accumulate with each purchase? Points that can be applied towards future discounts, or toward a free product or service?

If you’ve got a card like that in your wallet you’re not alone. Whether it’s called a loyalty card, rewards card, points card, advantage card, or club card – it’s been designed for one thing, and one thing only. To get you to keep coming back to that same store and spending more money each time you go there.

And it works!

Here’s just a partial list of American companies that offer rewards to keep their customers coming back: Supermarkets like Safeway, Kroger, Albertson’s and Winn-Dixie; Hardware stores like Ace and True Value; Office Supply stores like Staples and Office Depot (my wife will go to Staples – ONLY, and it’s for the rewards); Major hotel chains like Best Western, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Choice Hotels, Super 8; ALL major US Airlines; even pharmacies, banks, restaurants, motorcycle shops and tire stores all have rewards programs.

So do they work? What do YOU think? Here’s a hint… The above list of companies doesn’t even scratch the surface of those using loyalty programs, and trust me, they wouldn’t all be doing it if it didn’t work.

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