When Buying a Spanish Property – Do You Need An Agent? Find Out Now

As many have learnt the hard way – there are agents in Spain who will willingly take you for a ride – and it tends to be the bigger and well known foreign agencies that are the worst (the very ones who say you can trust them). So in this jungle is it worth using an agent to buy your Spanish Property or is it worth going on your own? best LLC services 2021

There is no doubt that an agent can be of great assistance if they know their area and should be able to help you narrow down your search to a few specific properties. Ideally they should sit with you a while and endeavour to discover your real requirements for your house. But this boils down to much more than how many bedrooms a house has and if it has a pool or not. For example you may see your dream house in a photo, and the agent takes you to view it, but after talking to you he/she discovers that one of you doesn’t drive. The house may be perfect but the area is miles from anywhere. Clearly then going to see such a property would be a waste of your time.

You can rest assured that if you visit 10 agents at least 9 of them would take you to see this house. The sad fact is that most agents aren’t really concerned about your needs, only whether you buy a property from them or not, so you may end up being shown many houses that really don’t fit the bill. You will feel frustrated, dejected and probably begin to think that your dream home doesn’t exist.

They may have nothing better to do with their days (and in today’s slow market it is probably a welcome relief to be showing houses than sitting in their office drinking coffee). But do YOU really want to be trailing around houses that do not meet your basic needs let alone your implied needs.

Also some agents put you under inordinate pressure to buy and some (like my now friends who bought by a main road) are pressurised into buying something not suitable for them. Don’t ever be pressurised by anyone. If you don’t feel comfortable with a viewing for any reason – politely say so and exit.

I once asked to see apartments within 200M of the beach and was shown a town house 20 minutes inland (that’s 20 minutes drive inland). When I asked why we had come to see it I was told that it was a lovely house. No doubt it was but it wasn’t what I asked for. Needless to say we went back to the car park to pick up my car amid protests from the agent that he had some really nice properties to see.

Your time is important and you need to utilise it very carefully. A good agent on the other hand, is worth his (or her) weight in gold. They will help you through every step of the way and guide you through the minefield and ensure you get the best property to suit your needs. At the very least they will try and understand you as a person/family and try to ensure that they match you with an ideal property. It shouldn’t stop there though. A good agent will also help you long after the ink has dried – easing you into your new life, helping you locate schools, buying cars finding tradesmen and much more.

How do you find a good agent?

Finding bad agents is easy. Finding mediocre ones equally so. So how do you pick out the good from the bad? The easiest way is to ask questions. Many people advocate only using agents who have API membership – this is the Spanish Estate Agents association (or one of them). However whilst current membership extends certain safeguards on the client, not all API registered agents are still registered. Equally not all non registered agents are bad. Wow what a battle – how do you judge?

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